Friday, March 02, 2007

Crochet Time

One of my favorite past times, while surfing the web, is to look at other sites that show case their craft work. How I oohhed and ahhed at the beautiful work done by those people!

I was quite inspired to do something more than a scarf after looking at the free crochet patterns at Crochet Pattern Central. I downloaded several patterns and of course I then drove over to Michaels and JoAnn to look for the necessary yarn. I even ordered some yarn from Lion Brand when I came across a pretty pattern there.

The reason I have put off crocheting is that I have difficulty following the pattern instructions. What do I do? Buy "how to" crochet books of course! :-) I bought three books from Amazon, books with lots of illustrations of course! Even with those books, those pattern instructions are not that easy to understand.

Anyway, the yarn I ordered from Lion Brand has arrived and I can't wait to start on a jacket with it! But first, I have to finish the tank top that I started using micro spun yarn by Lion Brand. Errr, it is coming along, but not as great as I would have liked!


  1. I truly enjoy making crochets in my much younger days, espcially those dollies and placemats. One was a 'queen size" bed cover and getting this one done was truly challenging then. Nowadays, having poor eyesights my interest turns to doing other craftworks. Wishing you success in making those crochets and thank you for sharing the websites. :)

  2. I didn't know you did crocheting! Heheh. I thought, for those who are short sighted as you grow older, you don't need glasses anymore for close work! Now people like me, I have to put on my granny glasses! Heheh.


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