Friday, March 02, 2007

Designer Who?

Have you heard the reason why Linda Onn was a no show on the red carpet during the 79th Academy Awards? She was supposed to have co-hosted the red carpet show with Channel V's veejay, Dominic Lau, for Star Movies.

But according to news reports some people were unhappy that she was going to wear an outfit by Indonesian-born designer, Jovian Mandagie. Who would those unhappy people might be? Read the unverified rumours, at Mr Manager's blog. He seems to know the low down on the controversy with the Jovian Mandagie outfit.

I can understand why Linda Onn would rather pull out of the co-hosting job rather than bow down to pressures from spiteful people. I would not have succumed to the pressures though. I would tell them, yes, I would wear your design, but on the red carpet day itself, show up in the outfit of my choice! How's that for a slap in their face?!

Linda Onn was not on the red carpet to represent Malaysia per se, but rather to do a job that was entrusted to her by Star Movies. Why should she be forced to wear something that "show cases" Malaysia's talent?

Come to think of it, the Datuks and the Datins in Malaysia love to show off their foreign designer labels! I see them all the time wearing foreign designed clothes in the local magazines, especially in the magazine, Nona.

I am sure there are some very talented designers in Malaysia but it is still up to the individual with the money to decide whose designs he/she wants to wear. I just hope that this incident does not back-fire on the designer who "wanted" Linda Onn to wear his outfit.


  1. Backfired? I don't suppose he expected that to happen to him, eh!

  2. Today's Malay Mail shed further light on Linda's non appeareance at the Red Carpet event in LA. One cannot help believing that behind all the excuses, the primary reason was due to her realisation that she was not good enough to conduct the interview in English. Rather than confirming it and embarrasing herself, she simply chickened out!

  3. Hmm, so now it has become a he said she said situation. Who to believe?

    I don't know whether Linda Onn is fluent in English or not. But she seems to me a very confident and poised person. I do not think that she would have accepted the offer to co-host the red carpet programme if she wasn't confident enough to do the job well. I don't know, maybe Mr Manager can shed further light on the subject, as an insider in the show biz business.


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