Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grace Vs Works

I have been watching videos at YouTube of former Muslims who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Muslims find it hard to believe that there are people who have left Islam to follow Christ. The following are some of their comments.

* poor sick lady dont know anything about islam . you try to get sympathy and love from non muslims by misleading them . dear poeple go and read about islam from the right source from the holy quran .

* show us i you have a real story not this one,you can see this man was never a Muslim in his life but always a Christian

*i would like to talk to this person....may i have his email id or yahoo or msn ....let me find th truth....he lies...he cannot be a muslim...and muslim evangelist..thats bosh...who r u fooling....just give me his id...or a face to face conversation and all those people who approached him...

*what bull shit! I still haven't found one real muslim who converted to christianity! why do christians have to lie?

*What a weakling. He should be Ashamed of Himself for being such a Sell Out. He just wants to be accepted by the white man with his broken english. Sounds like he has personal inner issues with himself Allah is the Most Forgiveing, Most Merciful, Allah's Love is more than a Mother's Love for her Child. We shouldnt even pay attention to people like this! Staghfirallah that we are not like this.

*fake conversion videos

Why is it so difficult for Muslims to believe that there are people who would choose

- grace over works? Ephesians 2:8-9; Surah 17:13-14

- a personal relationship with God over a ritualistic and legalistic religion? Isaiah9:6, John 20:28; Surah 1:2-4

- assurance of salvation over uncertainties of heaven or hell? 2 Peter 3:9, John 2:2; Surah 14:4, Surah 17:13-14

- unconditional love based on the blood of Jesus Christ over conditional love based on obedience to Allah? Romans 5:8; Surah 60:1

To this day Muslims pray to Allah: O Allah! the Lord of this perfect call and the everlasting prayer, grant to Muhammad nearness and excellence and raise him to the position of glory which thou hast promised him as mediator on the Day of Judgment.

Why would anyone pray to a god asking him to keep his promise regarding Muhammad who was supposedly his last and final prophet? According to this prayer, Muhammad was promised a position of glory, but the Muslim is not sure because he has to say this prayer on Muhammad's behalf at least five times a day.

Is it any wonder that the people in these videos would choose the God of Jesus Christ over the god of Muhammad?

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  1. Hi Friend,
    May the good lord continue to bless you !!
    I love what you do and will pray for you for the work you have started.
    A wonderful woman in Christ you are !
    Sis in Christ


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