Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Morality Police

I am sure by now most Malaysians will have heard or read about a video clip posted on YouTube showing enforcers raiding a hotel room where a couple was caught for khalwat.

The video clip claims that the enforcers were police officers of D7 PDRM. If that is true, I would like to know when the police department started making it their business to police the morals of other Malaysians.

I was of the impression that that was the domain of Mat Skoding and the various religious departments all over Malaysia.

I can understand the government being concerned about the declining moral standards among the young, because there are consequences, but that concern does not extend to invading people's privacy in an effort to stem the problem!

According to news report, the woman in the video is suing the police. Good for her.

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  1. Yep...i hope she sue them real deep into the pockets. These ppl never learn. They should have learn from the past and it has only be 2 years since the 'lockup' incident.


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