Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odds and Ends

American Idol Update

Gina Glocksen is out, and Haley stays for another week. Between the two of them, Gina has the vocal talent, and Haley has the looks. Sanjaya? He makes the competition "interesting". The top three girls, what can I say, they were in top form this week. I enjoyed the guys' performances this week, even Sanjaya's! Heh.

Dancing With the Stars

Arrrggghhhh!! How is it possible that I missed the start of this season's show? Four weeks of it!! Thank goodness for YouTube! I have been able to catch up with most of the episodes that I have missed. This is the other TV show, beside American Idol, that I follow diligently! :-<

Il Divo

I know I haven't been living in a cave, but how come I have never heard of Il Divo? Four gorgeous looking guys with heavenly voices, and I have not heard of them?! I might as well have been living in a cave! They had their first self-titled album released in 2004.

And they have even been to Malaysia, just this past January! Arrggghh!

It was by chance that I saw them on TV the other night. I was totally bowled over. And to think that Simon Cowell of Idol fame came up with the concept of a group that "tried to sound like The Three Tenors and looked like Armani models". Indeed they look like Armani models rather than this opera pop group.

Larry King's interview with them gives you an overview of how the group came together, and if you, like me have never heard of them before this, watch their performance here on Larry King Live.


Next week we'll be taking a week long trip to Arkansas. It'll be an exciting trip for me because my dear friend from KL will be joining us. She is arriving today but she will spend the next few days in LA before meeting us in Phoenix, Arizona next Monday, en route to Little Rock, Arkansas.

I can't say how exciting Arkansas will be for us because the main reason we are going is that Doug has some family business to attend to. Since my friend's visit co-incided with our trip we decided to invite her along, instead of postponing it. Doug promised that it won't be all business and that he has checked out the places to go and see while there.

Have a Blessed Easter. Jesus is risen indeed!


  1. Il Divo...very talented group discovered by Simon (the judge of AMerican Idol). And make famous in their first year when Oprah interviewed them. I think it was 2 or 3 years ago.

    Their first album is called Il Divo, Followed by Il Divo Ancora, X-mas Collection (2005), the latest one is Il Divo, Siempre (2006).

    All four of them are from different countries. I hope they will stay together for as long as they can.

  2. Yes! I just added the video of their live concert at the Greek in LA to my queue of videos on Netflix.

    I watched Harith Iskandar's interview with them on Channel 7 on YouTube. Harith was rude to Urs.

    I don't watch Oprah, so I missed that interview. I hardly listen to music stations on the radio, and probably that is why I haven't heard of them.

    Anyway, I am just glad that I discovered them!


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