Thursday, May 03, 2007

American Idol Rock Week

I wished I was in LA watching American Idol Live on both days this week! Bon Jovi was coaching the contestants and I think this week's show was the most entertaining for me. I have always enjoyed Bon Jovi and the contestants did very well, with the exception of Jordin Sparks, with Bon Jovi's songs.

On the results' day, I had a pretty good idea that Phil and Chris were going to get booted out. Actually I also thought, based on Tuesday night's performance, Jordin was going to get a hit too.

Blake Lewis took a huge risk with his beatboxing which is not actually singing on a singing competition. But he made it sound as if the beatboxing belonged in You Give Love a Bad Name. Doug and I are inclined to believe that Blake will make it to the final two.

LaKisha recovered from a few bad weeks. She has the talent but a series of bad song choices make it appear like she has peaked too early. But this week she redeemed herself with This Ain't a Love Song. Bon Jovi's advice to her was, despite the name of the song, the song was a love song and that she ought to sing it like she wass pleading for the man to stay. The kiss with Simon Cowell was priceless!

Doug and I believe that Melinda Doolittle is going to make it to the final two. She has been the one consistent contestant throughout this competition .. the resident pro as Randy Jackson likes to put it. Her rendition of a not too common Bon Jovi song, Have a Nice Day, was outstanding. Bon Jovi did teach her how to rock! The judges thought her performance reminded them of a young Tina Turner. I think so too.

Living on a Prayer
was a poor choice for Jordin Sparks. I thought that she has indeed become a serious competitor to LaKisha and Melinda but this week I agree with Simon Cowell .. her performance of Living on a Prayer was on the verge of screaming. Forget Simon's comment about her looking like a member of The Adam's Family! Heh. I am glad that she will still be around next week.

I am sorry to see Phil Stacey go because he has performed really well the last two weeks. Except for Simon, Paula and Randy thought his opening act, Blaze of Glory, was one of the best of the season. Blaze of Glory is one of my all time favourites, and I think Phil did justice to the song.

Chris Richardson has been on the bottom three a few times before and this week, he was not one of the lucky ones who gets to stay for another week. I think his performance of Dead or Alive was not that bad, all things considered. Chris has quite a following, and I am sure like previous Idol finalists, he has want it takes to be a recording artist. If Bucky Covington and Elliot Yamin, previous season's finalists, each has an album out, why not Chris, eh?

Things are going to get pretty tough for the final four. Everyone will have to be on top of his and her game. Next week Barry Gibb will be the coach.

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