Thursday, May 10, 2007

Down to Three

Ok, so the contestants of American Idol are now down to three. LaKisha was the latest one to get voted out this week. Blake didn't do all that well either but of course being the only guy left, he was not likely to get booted out!

Barry Gibb was their coach and the contestants had many good Barry Gibb compositions to choose from. I didn't understand why LaKisha and Blake had to choose a disco song?! I thought Melinda's first choice was good but it didn't go down well with the judges. Only Jordan's first song choice had the praise of the judges.

Who do you think will be the in the final two? Blake will most definitely be in but between Melinda and Jordin, it is hard to tell. Melinda has been the one consistent contestant in the competition but who knows who the viewers will choose?

Here's Melinda's 2nd choice, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. The song that Simon thinks has put Melinda Doolittle in the semi-finals.

Here's Blake's version of You Should be Dancing with beatboxing thrown in. The judges didn't like it, but I thought and agreed with Barry Gibb that the beatboxing fitted the song well. His second song was some obscure song called Danger Zone.

Jordin Sparks version of Woman in Love sounded very karaoke-ish, but her To Love Somebody was outstanding and won praise from the judges.

LaKisha is far more talented than Blake Lewis but in terms of marketability, of course she loses out to Blake. Her choice of Staying Alive was the one that did her in, but her Run to Me was a lot better. I am really sorry that she did not make it to the final two. I had originally hoped that she and Melinda would be the final two.

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