Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finale Night

It was quite a treat tonight because it was the finale night for two of my favorite programs. Thank goodness there was no clash in the schedule!

When Melinda Doolittle got voted out of American Idol last week, I couldn't care less as to who should win the title. But after watching the finale tonight, I thought Jordin Sparks deserved to win it instead of Blake Lewis. No doubt Blake is the better performer, but as the judges keep reminding the audience, American Idol IS a singing competition. Jordin is a far better singer than Blake.

We shall see who the voters choose to crown American Idol tomorrow night.

The Dancing With the Stars Finale was quite exciting. I enjoyed watching the last three couples. They were all very good. Apolo Anton Ohno, an Olympic Speed Skater gold medalist, won the competition. I thought Joey Fatone of N'Sync and his professional dance partner did very well too, and if he had won, I would have been happy with that result too.

Now that my two favorite TV programs are over, there is not much left to see on TV. The new reality show called On The Lot, about budding film directors debuts tonight. Err, that competition doesn't interest me. Next week, So You Think You Can Dance, premieres on TV and if I don't forget to turn on my TV, I might follow that show next. :-)

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