Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Jordin Sparks is the newest American Idol. Her performances yesterday were outstanding and she deserved the American Idol title for this season. The song, This is My Now, was beautifully performed and her repeat performance of the song after being announced the winner of the competition was heartfelt and emotional. It was also an emotional time for her parents who were watching in the audience.

My good friend, Esther, will be thrilled that her prediction came true. From the beginning of the season, Esther was convinced that Jordin will be the newest American Idol.

The results show was a star studded show and was most entertaining. Gwen Stefani appeared from her concert stage. Smokey Robinson, Bette Midler, Tony Bennet, were among the stars that performed during the two hour results finale show. All the previous American Idol winners, except for Fantasia, performed too. Carrie Underwood, winner of season four, received a special recognition for sales of over 6 million albums. The final twelve contestants of the season also performed and I really enjoyed their performances, even Sanjaya's solo with Aerosmith's guitarist!

Can't wait for Season Seven of American Idol!


  1. Thanks for the updates. Did not get to see the live and even the repeats. But congrats to the winner and i think she is the youngest so far.

  2. Ah but is she as good as Ms Clarkson? I think Kelly is the only Idol that is really big. i have not heard from Reuben or the other winners after Ms Clarkson. :*)

  3. Yes, Jordin is the youngest winner of AI thus far.

    As to whether she will be as successful as Kelly Clarkson, time will tell. Fantasia is now performing in Broadway, in Oprah's The Color Purple. Chris Daughtry is doing very well, even though he did not make the final two during season 5. Carrie Underwood, of season 4, when compared to Kelly Clarkson, has won more awards and to date has sold 6 million records. Is that better than Kelly Clarkson's first album sales? So I don't think Kelly Clarkson is THE most successful idol any more. Carrie Underwood is just as successful and Chris Daughtry is close behind.

  4. I though it was the weakest Idol season on record so far...


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