Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Another Tote!

I'm on a roll! Here's another tote bag. I went to JoAnn for their Independece Day sale this morning and bought a few pieces of decorator fabric and this bag is a product of that shopping spree. Besides fabric, I bought magnetic snaps, handbag handles, interfacing - the works to start this new hobby. And oh, a book on bags and purses!

I wanted this bag to be stiff and able to stay upright, so I used the stiffest of interfacing that I could find at JoAnn. But what a pain it was when it came to folding the lining into the bag from the top edge of the bag! :-( I had to rip my first attempt because it was crooked and the stitching on the bulkiest section of the seam was horrible. I had to use my chasing hammer to flatten the bulky seam. The second time around was much better, but not as neat as I would like. Oh well. This is after all only my second tote and my first with a stiff interfacing.

I have never used any kind of snaps in any of my previous sewing. Good thing I had the book, and learnt how to put on the magnetic snaps on the bag.

Can't wait to do the others! :-)

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