Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog Advertising

I have resisted placing those google ads on my blogs but now I am seriously thinking about it.

Jamy over at Seay's Kopitiam, is crowing over the fact that she has now moved her blog from Blogspot to her own domain. She says that she has made enough money from her ads to buy her own domain. Good for you, Jamy!

How many others are actually making good enough income from the google ads at their blogs? I heard on the radio today that there are people who make plenty of money through the advertising on their blogs/sites. And I mean plenty! Like the guy who has the celebrity gossip site called Perez Hilton. He makes over $11 k per month. How about this guy who has nothing but funny cat pictures on his site? He's making plenty of money from the ads on his site. His cheapest rate of ad per week is $500 and his top rate is $4 k per week.

I'd like to make that kind of money, but how do I attract traffic to my site? Another copy cat site like I can has cheeseburger? Just what makes a site more successful than others? Quality content doesn't seem to be the standard if that cat site is anything to go by. Of course celebrity gossip is always popular. Mr Manager's site is popular enough. Hey Vernon, do those ads on your blog bring in the dough? Heheh.

Maybe I'll start a blog featuring fish. Do you think that will do the trick and bring in the dough?


  1. Doris,
    Thank you for linking my new kopitiam.

    Sure Doris, you can make decent part time income from blogging even non-professional blogger like me :)

    The real professional like shoemoney and problogger are making over 100k+ a month.

    U can go to my resource blog and read some of the resource link I have.

    Lots of blogger are making good money writing paid post.

    I wish I have started blogging seriously earlier. I only started seriously writing 1 1/2 month ago and I am making enough money for my hosting :):).

    I thing I enjoy the most blogging is making friend, learning so many thing I have no clue before I embark this blogging journey :)

    When I first started putting in my Alexa's ranking in my old kopitiam blog
    2 weeks ago. My rank was 1.8million, over the last 2weeks, I learn a whole lot about SEO, landing page and started putting necessary features, my Alexa's rank has increased from 1.8million to 550k, it is just amazing.

    I am maintaining 3 blogs. I hope cut down to 1 if possible.

    I am an addict blogger :)

  2. Jamy, it is good that within a short time you are already making enough money to pay for your own domain!

    I've been blogging for about 2 years but I never thought about trying to make money out of it.

    But today, I heard on the radio about big bucks you can make from the advertising on your blogs if you have enough heavy traffic! And then you happen to write about it to at comeherelah, and also on your blog. What a great co-incidence.

    I have put up adsense on my hobby blog because when I looked at other hobby blogs, I find myself clicking on the links of the ads that are there. Hopefully other people will do the same when they visit my hobby blog!

    Anyway, I might put up a small adsense on my other blogs .. we'll see. I hate the look of "commercial" on my personal blogs! But ... eh, I can be persuaded if it brings me big bucks! Heheh.

  3. Howdy..this blog advert, is it only in America or any one in the world can earn money from having advert in their blogs?

  4. Puteri, I think you should place some ads. After all, what's wrong with a little side income? Either way, you gain.

    Also, you'd never know if your income from the ads start shooting upwards one day.

  5. Nightwing, you can place ads like those by google on your site too. It is not limited to sites/blogs in the US.

    Anonymous, yes, nothing wrong in making a side income. Yes, it is my hope that that income with shoot up dramatically one day!

  6. Anyone can make $ in adv. , not just in America :"Howdy..this blog advert, is it only in America or any one in the world can earn money from having advert in their blogs?"

    There are a lot of Malaysian (I am from Malaysia, to be exact, Sarawak) bloggers who is making 5 figure income. !


  7. Was about to encourage you into it but I see that you've made the decision for it in your later posts..

    To answer your question, NightWing, it is not only limited to the US, but when you do receive the check it will have to be converted from USD to RM.

  8. Cool, Thanks for the clarification. Hope it is ok to link ur site to mine? Kayatan and your permission first..

  9. Sure, I have put a link on my blog on Ecafe social network page. Check it out.

    If you like , you can also join mybloglog community at

    If you want, I can give you a review on my blog. I do that once a week.


  10. Ian, as you can I have started with the advertising in my blogs. But nothing like Jamy's!! Every page of Jamy's blog is filled with advertising!

    Jamy, do a review of my blog too while you are at it, eh.

    Sure, Nightwing88, please link me and I will do likewise for you on this blog.

  11. Thank you. Already linked it.


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