Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog of the Day!

Woohooo! I just got approved today at PayPerPost, and already I am Blog of the Day at PPP! I waited a week for my blog to get approved after signing up with them.

Next on the agenda, is for my first sponsored post to get approved so I can get paid for writing it! Otherwise I will have given them all that free advertising!

On another topic, Puteri's Musings now has its own domain. This blog at Blogspot will continue as usual, because I do not have any complaints about its service.

The reason for the new domain for Puteri's Musings is so that I can make more money from blogging! I have caught the disease from Jamy! She personally admitted that she is "obsessed" with making money! She even uses "kayatan" as her ID on her blogs. Heheh, Jamy, true what!

Ok, now I need to drive traffic to my new blog. Ok, people how about you help me by linking my new blog to your blog? I will do what Baby Bok Choi is doing! She is one smart lady! She is offering the chance to win a shopping gift card to anyone who links to her new blog. If you want to try your luck at winning this shopping gift card, go over to her blog and leave a comment there! Good luck!

Ok, about that opportunity for winning a prize on my new blog ... go over there and check it out. It should be out soon, really, really soon!


  1. Wow, I got so many links to my blog !
    Thank you !
    Jamy @

  2. Wow, Jamy, that is great! See what a little free publicity can get you!

  3. Wow, you've did it! Congratulation, unfortunately, I've not approved yet. I've waited it for a week :(


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