Sunday, July 29, 2007

Car Show and Craft Faire

Yesterday morning my friend, Kathy, and I went to our Church’s annual car show and craft faire.

I love looking at other people’s handicraft especially jewelry, bags and purses because those are the crafts that I make. The thing about going to such faires is that I cannot resist other people’s handiwork. I also feel compelled to support fellow craftsters.

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After browsing the different booths and chatting with the different vendors, I bought, among other things, a small but beautiful hand painted glass vase. The floral painting on the vase reminded me of the morning glory that I planted recently and which has just started blooming. Kathy also bought a similar vase because she too thought they reminded her of her morning glory.

I also bought a small purse from the ladies that were selling them. It was easy enough to make but it was something I could use immediately. I am going to use the purse as my cosmetics bag because the one I have is looking very grungy.

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I didn’t buy any jewelry and it was hard not to! But I did buy a bookmark that had some pretty beads on it. I had to buy at least a bookmark from Christina who is a fellow church member. I also bought a wooden cross that she’d made. I was surprised that she could make something out of wood! It seems she has diversified her interests!

I forgot to bring my camera, and my cell phone! I could at least have used my phone camera if I had it with me but …!

This time I didn’t look at the classic cars that were on display because Kathy and I didn’t want to spend too much time there that morning. However, on the way home we stopped by at the local library so I could get a library card and also register for a card craft class. A lady who teaches the class had a booth at the craft faire.

Kathy told me that I should also have a booth to sell my crafts! Maybe next year.

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