Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crocs Shoes

This is a follow-up on Jamy's post on Crocs Shoes. The first time I saw something resembling this famous brand of shoes was on my sister-in-law's feet (I don't think they were Crocs brand though). And that was several years ago. She wore them around the yard as she watered the plants. I understood her reason for wearing such footwear because, being rubber it shouldn't matter if they got wet.

I didn't know that there was a famous brand of footwear, for these ugly sandals and that they were such hot items among the so called trendy folks. One of the kids at the pre-school where my children go wear those Crocs sandals. I even commented to one of the teachers, "I don't understand why her mother would let her wear those sandals. They don't look comfortable on hot days. Those are shoes you wear working in your yard!" And that was not the only time I made such a comment to the same teacher! Heheh.

When I read Desmond's Gawai post in which he mentioned BlueHeeler wearing those Crocs shoes to the longhouse, the thought that crossed my mind was that Singaporeans were so trend conscious that they were even willing to be seen in public wearing ugly rubber shoes!! Rubber shoes remind me of the rubber shoes my father used to own that he liked very much but made his feet stink!

I can understand why gardeners, fishermen, boating enthusiasts, and beach goers wear them because they were intended for use near the water. Crocs shoes are "non-slip, anti-bacterial, non-marking, and odor-resistant".

But to wear them to work? Jamy's colleague wear them to work, but maybe because they wear scrubs so those shoes don't look that out of place! I like the various bright colors available but I will never be caught dead wearing them to work! Maybe around my yard ...


  1. I got a friend from KL, he also wore this type of looks kinda cool.

  2. Cool? Haha, if that is your idea of cool! The only thing I find cool about Crocs are the various colors available! Now those are cool colors!

  3. Hehe....when i saw him wearing, i did not see the whole shoes cause it was covered by his jeans, just manage to see many 'holes'...haha.

  4. Hiya...
    Btw, brand-conscious Singaporeans don't just wear any Crocs, ok! I wear the real ones, costing about USD30+. There are lots of cheap imitation ones I wouldn't touch... Haha

  5. Blueheeler, I didn't think you'd want to be seen in public wearing those ugly looking shoes if they were not the real thing! Heheh! Wow, you paid more in S'pore for what they cost here!


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