Monday, July 30, 2007

I signed up with PPP!

I have been approved at payperpost and I am now its newest Postie! I am very excited about getting paid for blogging about the things that I love!

Come August, I will have been blogging for two years, but all this time I never realized that there are businesses out there who will pay you to write about things that you have been blogging about all this time. Come to think of it, bloggers have a large reach and I can understand why advertisers would want to harness the power of the blogging community to spread the word around about their products.

I first heard about payperpost from Jamy who is obsessed about making money. I then checked out payperpost website and signed up without hesitation. I was excited, motivated and challenged by the earning potential after reading the testimonials from members at PayPerPost.
I am already making friends with other Posties and networking with them and learning from them ways to drive traffic to my blog. Besides that, I am also learning from other posties on how to write an effective post for the advertiser.

Imagine what I can do with that extra $$$!! Who knows I will have made enough by Christmas time so I can afford to buy that large screen TV that I covet! I am looking forward to that first payment from PayPerPost for my effort on behalf of the advertisers!

What are you waiting for? Join me and sign up with payperpost and start making money from blogging!


  1. Congrats..!! you are also the blog of the day.. at PPP..!!
    Welcome onboard..! And i read Jamy's blog too..!

  2. Thank you!! I am blog of the day?! Wow! That fast, ahhh!

    Link me! And I will link you back!

  3. Congrats Puteri for getting blog of the day!! And for being part of PPP.

  4. Nightwing, thank you! Please link my new blog to your blog too. I have already linked you.


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