Monday, July 23, 2007

Looking for a New Bed

When you buy a bed and a mattress, what do you look for? Comfort? Functionality? Style?

For me comfort is top priority. The queen-sized water bed that Doug and I got after we set up house is no longer as comfortable as it once was. I have stopped sleeping on that bed for several months now because I started having lower back pain. The top foam padding of the mattress has lost its firmness, and sags right where my lower back is. Doug still loves the bed but two days ago he woke up wet. It appeared that one of the tubes in our water bed had sprung a leak!

Well, I thought, that would be a good excuse to get a new mattress. Hell no, Doug instead bought some stuff that he used to try to patch up the leak! To him, the water bed is the most comfortable bed he'd ever slept in. It was the most comfortable bed I had slept in too when we first bought it, but it no longer is!

Since getting the lower back pain from sleeping on the water bed, I started sleeping on an adjustable single bed that I got when I was pregnant. The comfort level could be better, but compared to the sagging padding on the water bed, it is a lot better!

I hear a lot of advertising on Select Comfort's Sleep Number Bed. On TV, some faded TV stars are also endorsing the bed. I am quite tempted, but I think the bed is not that different from my water bed. Instead of water tubes, there are air chambers, and of course there has to be a padding at the top, just like my water bed's. That padding will eventually sag, as it did on my water bed, even though the air chambers remain in good condition, unless it develops a puncture!
One alternative to a queen-sized bed is to get another adjustable bed for Doug, and we'll have them side by side. The adjustable bed is comfortable for reading and watching TV because you can raise the top end and there's no need to have several pillows piled behind you.

I like the adjustable bed because I have a very acid stomach and at times I just have to have my head higher than my tummy because of the acid reflux!

We'll see how ready Doug is about getting rid of that water bed!


  1. I don't have problem with my bed. But I'm trying to change the sleeping position that I am always in now.

    Since winter, I've been sleeping like I'm hibernating (as if I know how do bears sleep when hibernating), but you know what I mean that foetal position. It backfires la.

    I've been slouching nowadays, very very very bad posture at everything I've been doing - sitting and standing.

    I really need to sleep straight from this days on. Or change to that new bed you're suggesting. Aiya.

  2. That doesn't sound good. The adjustable bed is quite comfortable.

    I went to a chinese chiropractor once about my bad back and he told me to sleep lying on your back, not on my side. I have since then done that. Actually sleeping on my side hurts my hips. ;-( Sign of old age, I guess.

  3. It feels like WINTER here - summer is screwed in Scotland, hence it is hard to sleep on my back (excuse and more excuse).

    But I'll try for my posture sake.


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