Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been neglecting my quilting these past several weeks! Fortunately for me, my clients are not very fussy and allow me to finish their quilts at my convenience.

I received Carrie's quilt more than 2 weeks ago, and I have only yesterday completed machine quilting it. Today I am going to box it and mail it back to her. Hers was the first that I'd received through the mail. She usually drops off and picks up her quilt at my home, but since she moved away from the area, she can't always drop it off in person.

This quilt of Carrie's that I just completed will be entered at a quilt contest in August. She told me to include some business cards in the mail so she could place them together with her quilt. I am not adverse to some free publicity for my quilting business!


  1. Nice..is it hard to make one? Usually quilts are meant for display rite?

  2. The quilt in the picture was made by one of my clients. I only do the finishing for her ... the top stitching.. on my big machine.

    Quilts can be displayed, like hung on the wall, or they can be used as blankets, bedcovers, picnic blankets, whatever!

    Not hard to make, esp now there are tools that you can use to make it easier to make one.


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