Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Camp

I was pleasantly surprised when NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams, on their Faith in America segment featured a story about how and where some American youths were spending their summer.

The American youths who went to Mexico, went under a Texas based group called Teen Mania Ministries. They had to raise their own money for the trip and they brought food, toys, shelter and most importantly shared their faith with the poor people in that part of Mexico.

I am happy and encouraged to hear of the existence of groups like Teen Mania. I am sure there are many churches who send youths to places like Mexico for the summer. My church does it too, and they have three different groups go to Mexico every summer.

This year we were able to contribute to the trips by donating six bags of used clothes because among the things that my church group brought this year were clothes. Each of the group that went to Mexico built a home for a needy family. All the materials for the building were bought and paid for with money raised by the youths who went.

We also "bought" two pairs of Helping Hands. Helping Hands was a way that some of the youths raised money for their trip. They offered services like yard work, baby sitting etc to raise money.

Almost everyone of the young people who have gone on one of these trips to Mexico experienced a life changing experience. A life changing experience not only from their service to the Mexicans they interacted with, but also to their Christian walk, and they had a better understanding of what fellowship and service with other Christians meant.


  1. aku ka meri komen pasal topik,Grace vs Works.

    Nadai kontroversial gilak story nuan nyak??enggai ke bala muslim ila...nemu2 aja meh nuan.

  2. oh,one more thing,enti nuan kala meli majalah Mastika,especially keluaran yg kedudi-dudi tuk,mayuh amai artikel yg condemn kitai kristian.sometimes,sedih amai aku laban sidak iya just simply condemn aja...For example,sigi artikel pasal sida muslim ti merinsa and miskin ditulong oleh gereja.and then,these muslim ka convert to christianity.amai mayuh yg udah convert,and bisi mega melayu yg jd priest(according to the majalah lah)tapi gereja yg come??dah sida iya minta tulong,of course lah kitai kristian nulong.bila sida iya convert,madah kitai kristian tuk meli pengarap sida iya ngena duit atas pertolongan nyak tadi...sayau aku enda ulih meri nuan macha majalah nyak..

  3. Ukai nya bula, enti nuan ka lebih nemu agi .. aku bisi siti agi blog .. nya baru controversial .. heheh, enda di adertise aku ditu!

    Sigi baka sida, tudah Lina Joy enda ulih muai agama iya, kawin pun enda ulih. Enti aku baka iya, kapa aku diau ba menoa M'sia agi. Enti dudi hari sida ka extremist enda ka munoh iya, baru tau pulai ka M'sia baru.

    Scan ka aku article nya ..tauka ambi ngena digital camera .. heheh.

    Bala sida meli sida org asli enda sida sedar.

    Aku bisi video Benjamin Stephen (melayu) meri jako ajar .. nuan kala meda?

  4. nadai aku kala meda..nuan kala ninga pasal Dato' Azhar yg belayar suba nyak??amai ka iya dah masuk kristian??

  5. Ila aku upload video nya, nuan tau meda.

    Bisi aku macha pasal Dato Azhar. Aku pikir amat cherita nya. Uji nuan berati ka saut iya maya press conference during UMNO assembly ... nadai direct iya deny iya ukai Christian.


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