Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer Ramblings

Have you got your iPhone yet? I haven't, and am not likely to get one any time soon. When it comes to the latest fad in electronic gadgets, I am a little slow. I might get one when the price has gone down quite drastically and when all the hype has died down.

What it is it with some people that they have to have the iPhone and are willing to start standing in line at 3 a.m. when the store isn't ready to start selling the item at 6 p.m. that same day? The iPhone costs something like $500 and in order to be able to use it you have to sign a two year contract at about $60 a month with this exclusive carrier.

I heard that it is possible that by Christmas time iPhone will have the second generation iPhone for sale. See, what you have right now could be outdated by Christmas!

So much for not getting carried away with the iPhone hype! I just signed up for Rush in a Hurry newsletter because new subcribers are automatically entered for an 8 gig iPhone giveaway drawing! Heheh. If I am lucky enough and wins one for free, eh, why not?!

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So the Islamist jihadists strike again in Britain. Two car bombing attempts foiled in London. One possibly lethal fireball at Glasgow airport resulted in, amazingly, only five bystanders hurt. One of the perpetrators in custody, and one held in a hospital for critical burn injuries.

I am pessimistic that these jihadists would not try more of these kinds of attacks. According to Melanie Phillips author of Londonistan, western countries, like Britain, "refuse(s) to acknowledge that the true driver of Islamist terror is religious fanaticism. Instead, it attributes its causes to Muslim poverty, discrimination and grievances over foreign policy. In other words, it blames us."

When the jihadists say that they are intent on establishing a Caliphate, we better believe them. Daniel Pipes in his July 26, 2005 article called What do Terrorists Want [A Caliphate]? writes succintly about it. Pipes article, What is Jihad, is quite an eye opener too.

Two books that I am currently reading make me even more pessimistic. These two books tie in end times events with the rise of militant Islam. The scenario is very, very plausible. The first book is Anti-Christ: Islam's Awaited Messiah by Joel Richardson, and the second, Christianity and Islam: The Final Clash by Robert Livingston.

If Richardson and Livingston are to be believed jihadist attacks are only going to get worse as time goes by, and Christians and Jews better be prepared for the worst.

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  1. Indai Orang,

    You do not know me , tang aku enggai enda nibar ka jako seleka dua leboh mansa ruai nuan ditu. Tang the car bombs planted at Haymarket (nr. Piccadilly) and Pall Mall were a bit too close for comfort. Aku gawa within the proximity of Trafalgar Sq. Thank God, for the vigilance of the British population and the Security Agency. The latter has not been praised enough but without these dedicated people many, many more people would have perished by the barbaric evil deeds of these jihadist sons / daughters of Satan...Doctor Doom all of them. Enti nuan saki, mesti ka nemu which Dept. of the hospital you're going to...Accident & Emergency Dept tauka X-Ray & Cardialogy Dept...Anang masuk Jihad & Terrorism Dept. di UK ditu. Nya alai London di gelar bala orang as 'Londonistan'.

  2. Terima kasih laban bisi ngetu serta ninggal ka penemu ba ruai aku tu!

    Kati ko kitai nemu ni bagi dept Jihad & Terrorism deh?

    Sigi amat London nyau udah nyadi Londonistan. The British gov't's tolerance on dissent, and multi-culturalism have come back to bite it!


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