Friday, July 27, 2007

Unique Gifts

Do you like giving gifts and receiving gifts too? What kind of gifts do you like receiving? Unique ones or useful ones?

Among the things that I love having around the house are scented candles. I almost burn down my house one day when the dish that a candle was sitting on broke and there was flaming wax all over the counter! All my candles look like what candles are supposed to look like but look at this beer mug of a candle! Cute ----->!

How about umbrellas? We Asians don't like walking around under the hot sun without something covering us. When I go to the Flea Market in summer I always carry an umbrella with me! And I am not the only one because there are many Asians shopping at the Flea Market. But do you really need a monogrammed umbrella? I know it is unique but an umbrella is an umbrella!

How about a fleece jacket for your dog? I don't have a dog, but if I have a dog, and takes it out for a walk on a cold day, I think the dog will need something to keep him warm too. I won't mind dressing him in a jacket, even though he will look silly in it! --->

I have a couple of crystal vases but for every day use, I won't mind receiving this unique shaped vase!

When I was younger, I like receiving cute gifts. But as I got older, I like receiving gifts that are useful, gifts that I have need for, gifts that are useful for my personal use or for use around the house. But best of all, I LOVE receiving monetary gifts!

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