Saturday, July 21, 2007

Valerie Bag

I am going to start naming my bags! The above style is called the Valerie Bag. It is the smallest of all the bags I have made so far. I started off by making an oval base for the Valerie bag but the bottom was too difficult to sew on!! I spent several hours sewing and ripping the bottom and finally gave up. Maybe there is a method to attaching the base, but I have most definitely not found it!

On the the bag making supplies side, I received my order from Tall Poppy Craft today. When I found the site, I did not realize that they were based in Australia! Imaginge ordering bag making supplies from Australia when there are many places to buy such stuff right here in the US! I found everything I needed on the site and continued with my order. One of the items I have not found on any of the sites that I looked at is leather handles for hand bags. I also found some colorful braided handles.

I might just do what Kitman of Knit Your Love suggested. Set up an Etsy store! Yes, sell my bags and my jewelry at an Etsy store. Actually I have been thinking about setting up an Etsy store for a while. Maybe now is the time!


  1. Dijual nuan kah beg tangan nya sist'
    Tauka koleksi nuan aja.

    Amat landik nuan begaga, bejait ka bag.

  2. wow....your bags are beautiful! U did it all by yourself?

  3. Mac, ila engka bisi nya dijual but not they are my personal collection!

    Mummy to qiqi, yes I made all those bags myself. Ever since I made my first bag, it has become an addiction! I can't seem to stop buying the materials to make the bags!

  4. Hi Puteri, Im Felicia from Kuching, S'wak. Stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping yesterday - my favourite past time ( its not fattening!!)
    Cukup steady bala crafts and handbags nuan wai. Rindu ndar aku meda. Enti tak semak udah aku drive over to your home.. pama meh ulih belajar mimit. Tu bakeni ka berjait, sewing machine pan aku kulup ngena.

  5. Au, ah, sigi enda fattening blog hopping! :-)

    Enti nuan diau semak ditu, nadai aku enggai ngajar nuan. Awak ka rami tuo bejait!

  6. Bakeni ba menua Kuching tuk, bisi kedai nyual perengka ngaga crafts kini? Best mai enti can learn from you. I'm so grateful that I have found your blog. Cukup gaga ati ku. Yahoo...haha.

    Blog hopping is definitely healthier than sitting in front of the tv munching on kuaci dont you think? Aiseh.

    PS: Pardon my Iban spelling. Enda entu pass aku spell Iban.

  7. Feli,

    Enda aku nemu enti nuan ulih meli bag making supplies ba Kuching. Ba Miri din bisi kedai siti bisi nyual sekeda utai ti tau dikena ngaga bag. Enda patut di Kuching nadai kedai baka nya.

    Tang enti enda tegiga ka handles, magnetic clasps, tau enda iboh ngena utai baka nya. Ngena zip aja and ngena kain nya tadi kena ngaga handle. Giga kain ti kena orang ngadu upholstery or curtains .. iya ka tebal agi. Bala sida interfacing endang bisi dijual ba kedai nyual kain.

    These last couple of days aku bisi ngaga sida tenggak marik .. mayuh endar beads udah dibeli ... need to use some of them up!

    Sida perengka kena ngaga bag pen mayuh dia .. tang asai ka beading ngangau aku! Heheh.

    My regular quilting clients dah start be-anjong ka quilts sida, and more are coming, so I will be kept pretty busy finishing those quilts for my clients. You know I quilt too, right? And I have a long-arm machine quilting business at home?

    Au, blog hopping better than nunga TV makai kuaci! Aku bansa ka ninga radio ... so sebelah rumah endang on magang radio!

    Anang enda ngabas blog bukai aku, esp my Iban blog!


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