Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

So what is the ugliest part of your body? You don't have one? Good for you!

For me, the ugliest part of my body is my double chin. Errrr ... maybe it is my fat tummy! Ok, ok let's just say that I have more than one part of my body that I think is ugly!

When I think about what I consider is the ugliest part of my body, I am thankful that I don't have uglier looking body parts! Imagine being born with a huge birthmark on your face! I guess with today's make up technology, even that can be hidden.

As for teeth, bad and ugly teeth can be taken out and caps or bridges put in. Look at how good looking Elliot Yamin is now with his new set of pearly whites.

I read some where that a famous fashion designer by the name of Halston once said that a woman's knees are the ugliest part of her body. Come to think about it, knees do look ugly especially if you are skinny! A lot of women think that their feet are ugly. I think where feet are concerned, white people (Asians like to walk barefoot in their homes) who have their footwear on all the time have the ugliest, gnarly looking feet!

What about men? What do men think is the ugliest part of their body? I can think of one part that I consider ugly! Hahahaha.


  1. This one got me thinking a bit. I don't think I have beautiful body parts. And I don't think I have ugly ones either! I was surprised really.

    But I always have problem with my skin. I think it's too transparent - if I don't have enough tan, I will look like an alien with pale skin and green veins all over my hands and face and legs! Thankfully Daddy is not very fair so I got that a little bit of color from him.

    It is the main reason why I LOVE sun tanning too. I makes me look more human. ;)

  2. I have green veins on my face too, but fortunately I tan easily. Still at my age, veins seem to be popping to the surface! :-(

    Make sure you are properly protected with sunscreen if you go sunbathing! No sense exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays and whatever that other ray is!


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