Sunday, July 15, 2007

Zippered Tote

Woo hoo! I successfully made a zippered tote! If I am to give away my totes to family members, they have to have zippers. They have this fear of being picked by pick pockets, or should the phrase be pick bags/purse?! I don't blame them because I will never go shopping carrying a bag that does not have zippers back in Malaysia!

Rattan handles, the same kind as in an earlier tote. I love this tote!


  1. terror mai nuan ngadu beg enggau gelang nya ooo.. cantik la

  2. Thank you, thank you!! Dah gian begaga ka marik enggau begaga ka beg enggau begaga ka quilt! Craft bukai aku enda minat.

  3. Hey Puteri,
    You are making more and more nice tote and bags!!! I love them all!!! You made all these for friends and relatives? Ever think of opening up your own online shop at ETSY? Your bags are pretty!!! =)

  4. Thank you, Kitman! Yes, I have thought about opening an Etsy store. I have looked at what is there, and I guess if it is your lucky day, someone will buy from your store. There are so many people selling the same stuff so it is either you have a following for your products or it happens to be your lucky day and this shopper sees something he/she likes and decides to buy it!

    I have lots of beaded jewelry that I'd like to sell because I have spent a lot on beads and it is time I started selling some of them!


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