Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Market Day

This morning as I was getting the kids ready for pre-school, I was surprised to receive a call from Jessica's mom. It seemed that she was already at the Galt Flea Market and wanted to know if I was going to it too!

I told her to go back to the school and I would meet her there. When I arrived at the school, she was already at the school. After dropping off the kids, Jessica's mom and I drove to the market in my car.

We had a good time. We started off by sharing a bowl of Vietnamese noodles. We walked down most of the aisles at the market. Jessica's mom bought two pairs of shoes for herself, and I also bought a pair of light green sandals. Very cute! I also bought socks for Duncan, a bunch of lucky bamboo plants for my hand painted vase, a pair of underwear, and vegetables.

One of the things I know I will be getting the next time I go to the market is a hair piece! I tried one on and it was interesting how it really added volume to my tied up hair. The lady who was selling the hair pieces had all kinds, all colors and all lengths.

After the shopping, I invited Jessica's mom over to my home and this time she did not turn down my invitation. She stayed for only a few minutes but that was a good start. I told her to bring Jessica next time she comes.

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