Wednesday, August 08, 2007

10.545% CTR on Sponsored Posts!

When you come across a sponsored post done by a blogger, do you wonder about it's effectiveness? If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of this form of advertising then I have news for you.

According to an extensive study done by PayPerPost, the average ctr for such form of advertising is 10.545%. That is simply an incredible rate and great news for advertisers. Advertisers should feel confident that their advertising dollars is reaping them a good return.

My husband and I do a lot of shopping online, and most of the time when we are looking for something in particular we do so by using search words. We are also not adverse to clicking on the Adwords that show up with the results of our searches. But ever since I started doing sponsored posts through PayPerPost, both of us have found ourselves clicking on the advertisers' links. That means for the advertisers, the bloggers themselves are potential customers!

A most recent example for me is the sponsored post I did for Coupon Chief. We were very delighted to have found discount coupons for computers. We followed a link to one of the computer vendors and found a whole range of computers that were within our budget. We are narrowing down our choices before we make our purchase. And not only that, there are coupons there at Coupon Chief that I can use to buy gifts at Linen and Things for a friend who is getting married later this month. Imagine the savings!

Sponsored posts do pay for the advertisers, at a 10.545% click through rate to be exact!

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