Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Angst over paid posts

I was at Pretty Knitty a few moments ago, and read a comment by a reader. The reader was upset that Kitman had started posting things that were not related to knitting, and even said that she (the reader) would stop reading her blog.

The reader has the right to read or not to read any blog. Nobody is forcing her, right? And Kitman, the owner of the blog, can do whatever she wants with her blog, right? If she wants to include paid posts on her blog, that is up to her, right?

I suppose it is harder for bloggers who have niche blogs where their readers have certain expectations on the content of the blogs. For a blogger like me who writes about anything and everything, it doesn't seem too obvious if the blog has some off topics.

I have also started doing paid postings, and I know those of you who read my blog usually skip those posts, right? I hope you do! Unless of course there is something in the post that might be of interest to you. I try to take posts that I know about or can learn about. But sometimes the choices, for a blogger with my low ranking, are very limited and you get what you can!

Anyway, I enjoy the prospect of making income from writing paid posts. I received my first payment from Smorty last week and my husband joked if he can retire now that I am making some money! ;-) Hahah.


  1. True...no one is forcing her...just because she's jealous of pretty knitty,doesnt mean she can stop other people from reading Pretty Knitty's blog! So Silly!jeles nda bertempat :)

    enti bisi org komen bakatuk ngagai nuan,bakani puteri?

  2. Ya, u r right. Blog what ever one like...and it is up to people whether want to read it or not.

    Just do not understand people, why so hard to say good things..and yet very fast in saying negative things.

  3. Pat, and Nightwing, ya so hard to understand people. Dunno why she even bothered complaining about the content of Kitman's blog! If not happy, don't come anymore lah, correct?

    If somebody were to make that kind of comment about my blog, I will tell that person, go ahead, do whatever you want to do! Duh! It's not as if she/he had to pay to come visit my blog!


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