Friday, August 03, 2007

A Conversation

My daughter, Denice, says her best friend is Jessica. Jessica is relatively new at the preschool. Jessica's mom is from Thailand. Seeing that she is an Asian, I decided to befriend her. I invited her to join me to the flea market one day but she said she wasn't free, maybe next week then? I'm still waiting for her to join me!

Anyway, yesterday I talked to her, and I invited her to visit me at my home. Bring Jessica, I said because Denice has been begging for Jessica to visit her. Okay, she said. Jessica has been begging her mom to take her visit Denice!

In the course of our conversation she said something about people looking down on Asians. I was surprised at the statement because ever since I moved to California, I've never had any negative experience regarding my race. I told her that much.

I commented on the cross she was wearing on her necklace and asked if she was a Christian. She said "No, I am Buddhist. I wear this cross when I am in this country." Huh? Oh, I get it. I think by wearing the cross she feels she will be more accepted. I think she needs more friends so she will know that the majority of the people here are very tolerant and very accepting no matter what your color or race is, or what your beliefs are.


  1. Hhmmm....I'm sorry Jessica's mom is having such a hard time. I'm sorry she thinks she has to pretend to belief in something else to be accepted.

    Puteri, she's lucky to have you as a friend. I'm sure you'll get her to see the light.

  2. Hooi Imm, I'm sorry she feels that way too. I am still trying to win her confidence because so far she has had excuses not to come to my house, or go shopping at the flea market with me.

  3. hai puteri,pat tuk(aku ngena jaku iban,ok?)

    aku enda hairan meda perangai sekeda bala kitai asian rasa rendah diri enggau sapa diri sidak iya empu...they pretend to be someone to be accepted...

    and one thing,aku rasa indai jess nyak enggai kawan enggau nuan laban iya meda nuan asian.maybe iya ka kawan enggau mat salleh aja :) enti aku,gaga amai aku bisi kawan sebansa enggau aku di menua bukai...feels more at home,neh?

  4. Enda meh kitai nemu nama kebuah, Pat. Engka iya bedau ka trust aku, kini. I think iya nya bedau lama udah pindah kitu. Engka ngelama tu laki iya enggau iya di Thailand din.

    Amat munyi ko nuan, aku bekareh ngiga Asians bukai enggau bekawan, tang setakat diatu alu nadai begulai enggau bala Asian. Ukai nadai, but we don't move in the same circle.


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