Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Copper Crystal Bracelet

This bracelet is made with five 12 mm Swarovski Cosmic crystal copper beads, two 8 mm round swarovski copper crystals, some sterling silver spacer beads and three Bali style beads. I love how they come together, and copper is my current favorite crystal color!


  1. Ooh!!! Very pretty! Better than most of the stuff in the stores. ;-)

  2. dini nuan selalu meli brg kena ngadu bala sidak gelang,marik tuk??online kah? by the way,dah set up etsy nuan?

  3. Most of the stuff I need aku meli online. Keda beli aku ba craft store ditu. Online murah agi ari ba kedai, that's why aku mostly order ari online.

    Bedau aku muka etsy store aku.

  4. Dear gal,
    you've been awarded!


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