Monday, August 06, 2007

A day of triumph

Today has been a day of triumph of sorts for Duncan. He went, for the first time, to school without wearing his training pants.

Yesterday was the test day for him. He refused to wear his training pants and insisted on wearing his briefs. Ok, I said, just remember to go the bathroom whenever you feel you have to. I had to help him along by reminding him and taking him to the bathroom every few hours. He did great!

This morning as I dressed him for school, he himself told me that he was going to wear his briefs, not his training pants. When we got to school, I told his teacher that he was wearing his briefs and wanted her to remind him to go to the bathroom.

When I picked him up at the end of the day, I noticed that he was still wearing the pair of shorts he had at the beginning of the day. Woohoo, he managed to stay dry all day! I guess my baby has reached an important milestone in his life. I took him to the bathroom as soon as we reached home, just to make sure that after the success of the day, he did not regress to his wetting the training pants days!


  1. What a sense of achievement that must be! I'm potty training my little one too. Not easy!!

  2. berapa umur denise enggau duncan nuan??mine,yg tuai 5 tahun,bongsu -baru masuk setahun 13th july tuk tadi.

  3. Carin, when they are not ready, there's not much you can do about it. Denice was afraid to sit on the toilet, she screamed, but she wanted to impress her grandma so badly that she started sitting on the toilet. She was potty trained a little earlier than Duncan. I was quited concerned when they were not potty trained at 3 but was told by church friends not to worry, because by 4 they will most definitely be trained.Duncan turned 4 on July 20.

    Pat, Denice tuai ari Duncan 2 bulan . She turned 4 on May 21. Duncan turned 4 on July 20. Pasal bira Duncan endang nadai bira ba diaper agi, mina kemik aja iya malas nganjung diri. Sahari tu bisi accident, tekemik ba tanjut, ba moa pintu rumah. Enda sempat ka toilet!


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