Sunday, August 12, 2007

Favicon on Blogspot

Did you notice the favicon next to the URL on my blog today? How many of you knew that you can add your very own favicon on your Blogspot blog? I didn't know that was possible until I read how you can do it on Tips for Bloggers. Tips for Bloggers is quite the resource for bloggers using Blogspot. I highly recommend it.

For my favicon (the image next to your url), I used Paint which comes with Windows, to create it. It is not that difficult to make it. Or you can use any image you like for you favicon. Look at the favicon on my Puteri's Hobbies blog. I have a handbag for my favicon! :-) Favicons are such small images that you need to use an image that is clear. The handbag favicon is the clearest (besides the one on this blog) I have on any of my blogs. If I find something clearer I will change those that are not that clear. I can do letters or colors but I wanted images that reflect the content of the blogs. When I said the favicon is not that difficult to make, I mean the letters kind!

Let me know if you have added a favicon on your Blogspot blog! I'd love to see it!


  1. Here's my own guide to adding a favicon to your own blog.

    Check How to add a favicon to your Blog.

  2. People, do not go to Alex's site. Don't give him that traffic. His link doesn't have anything about adding favicon on his site. Check out Tips for Bloggers instead.

    Hey, Alex, is this your cheap way of getting traffic to your blog?!


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