Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home Furniture

Furniture From Home is an online furniture room store which carries a wide selection of dining room furniture and bedroom furniture. They also have some really beautiful home office furniture sets, living room furniture including sectionals, game room furniture, bar stools and a selection of beautiful leather furniture. Besides furniture there is also a modest selection of area rugs and carpets.

The Furniture From Home website is one of the better looking online furniture stores that I have seen. It could be that I am partial to the color scheme of burgundy, tan and peach with white fonts.

The home page's navigation is simple and easy to use. The categories of furniture are laid out very clearly on the left side of the page and all I have to do is click on a particular category, for example bedroom, and a page with a whole array of bedroom sets comes up. The choices of bedroom sets are beautifully arranged in groups of three for each row with a brief description for each set. I like this because I don't have to look around too many pages to see what is available. If I see anything I particularly like, I click on the picture and a new page opens where I can see a bigger picture of the furniture set, and all the information associated with the product, including the price for each item in the set.

I wanted to look at storage beds and entered "storage bed" on the Search box. That search yielded three results. But when I entered "children's bunk beds" it yielded zero result. I remember seeing bunk beds on the site! I tried again, this time I entered "bunk beds". It still gave me "Your search for "bunk beds" has 0 results". Ok. Let't try "bunk bed". That got me 2 results. I think Furniture From Home needs to improve on the search option results. As long as at least one keyword matches the items that they carry, those items should appear on the search results.

The other thing that I find could be improved is the horizontal navigation bar at the top. I know the space is limited but when I am already on one page, say looking at sleeper sofa, and now I want to look at TV Wall Units, I will have to go back to the home page, and click on See All Rooms and then choose from a whole range of options before I get to the page on TV Wall Units. I suppose that is where the Search feature comes in useful. Apparently TV Wall Unit is not the same as Entertainment Centers. They later produced more results than the former!

If I am serious about looking for furniture and comparing the choices, I will look at every page that is available at Furniture From Home. But if I am looking for a particular set or style or piece, I will have to be very specific with the words used on the Search feature. Otherwise, I will think what I am looking for is not available and move on to other sites.

Overall, I will give Furniture From Home a high score because they have a wide selection of furniture. I will not mind going through every page to see all that they have since they are all beautifully arranged.


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  2. So did you end up purchasing anything from the Furniture From Home site? If so, how did it go?


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