Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Security

I live in the country and I always believe that living in the country is safer than living in the big city. But recently my neighbors had their homes burglarized and one had his new motorcycle stolen. In fact, the burglars even tried to steal our truck parked in our driveway but fortunately they weren't able to drive it away because we did not leave the key in the truck.

We thought maybe we need fierce dogs on our property. Better yet, install some security cameras on our property. But how do you go about choosing the type of security cameras that will work for you? Do we want to install the type that are hidden but secretly capturing the movements outside the house? How about installing them where any would-be intruder can see them and thus deter him from trying to break into the house? If I had the security cameras installed how do I effectively monitor them especially when I am not home?

It is with great relief that I found this site where I can learn about what an Internet Security Camera can do. It is wonderful to know that with certain internet security cameras I can monitor them from virtually anywhere in the world! From a designated internet site, I can actually move the camera's pointing direction from my browser and actually zoom in to any area where the camera is aimed at.

The most amazing aspect about an internet security camera is that I can actually access my internet security camera on my internet equipped cell phone! This ability will help ease my mind about leaving my home unattended for any extended time.

There is a lot more that I need to learn about home security and I am glad that I can learn more about it at

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