Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inside Every Woman

I am not much of a reader of self help books or of books written specifically for women on how to achieve success. But this book for women called Inside Every Woman by Vickie Milazzo is changing my mind about self help books.

Vickie's writing style is easy to read and the Five Promises she outlined in her book are practical and can help a woman get out of a dead end job and choose a career that she can truly be passionate about.

The 10 Feminine Forces that Vickie writes about in this book will surely open our eyes on what we women have within ourselves to achieve the career and the life we want.

The real live stories from other women that Vickie shares in this book will no doubt motivate and encourage us to take that leap from being merely an employee to a successful entrepreneur.

If you are interested, you can get a free "Inside Every Woman" bookmark by emailing your request to

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