Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Little Accident

Just before I unlocked the door to the house, with the kids right behind me, I put my finger into the soil of the potted plant by the door. Hmm, still damp, and then I swipe my fingers across the leaves to remove the spider web covering them. A brown praying mantis fell onto the floor. That got Duncan all excited. I picked up the praying mantis and placed it gently back on the plant.

Denice and I went on ahead into the house while Duncan stayed outside by the door still looking at the praying mantis.

Some minutes later, Duncan surreptitiously entered the house and headed straight towards the bathroom. I quickly asked him to show me his hands. He showed me his hands, nothing there. I thought maybe he had brought the praying mantis into the house.

I decided to check on him in his room. He had removed his shorts and was only wearing his briefs. He was trying to cover his briefs by pulling his t-shirt over his briefs. I suspected something and touched his briefs. It was wet.

Duncan got a good scolding from me. For trying to hide the accident from me, and for being close enough to the bathroom and yet not using it. He had been too engrossed with the praying mantis that he did not make it to the bathroom in time. I held up the wet shorts and showed it to him. You should have heard him cry. It was more like a scream. A high pitched cry that showed how embarrassed he was at wetting his shorts. “I’m sorry Mommy” was all he could say after the cry. I reminded him again that he should not wait till the last minute to go to the bathroom. It was also my fault because the last two days I made him go to the bathroom as soon as we got home. But today the praying mantis distracted us all.

By and large, it has been a successful few days at staying dry. I am proud of him.


  1. Aawww....poor baby, how old is he?

  2. He turned 4 on July 20. 4 years old is the latest to get them potty trained. He has been very good about going to the bathroom when he needs to poop. It is the peeing that he has trouble with. But since that accident, there has been no more accidents. He loves the fact that he is wearing big boy briefs instead of training pants! :-)

  3. sama aja enggau anak aku ke tuai nyak...enti dah bermain,malas amai ka ke jamban,lepas nyak alu ter accident meh iya..selalu nya iya terkemik ba depan pintu jamban.iya start potty train suba pun umur 4 tahun...mula2 mala aja basah meh tilam iya,diatu dah nemu iya :)

  4. Ooii, nya gamal nuan pia?! Oooi, cantik ibu muda nya! :-)

    Anak aku agi diberi pampers tinduk malam .. enggai ngasoh tilam basah! Ka laki nya ulih tan sampai pagi, ke indu nya sampai dua kali kemik, pampers pun enda ngundan agi! Abis basak tilam!

  5. hehehe...malu nye aku...nuan pun apa kurang nya.Stylo lagi!

  6. Eh, malu org muji iya? Heheh.


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