Saturday, August 25, 2007

Little dogs

What is it with people and their little dogs? Paris Hilton has her little dog, and I guess it has become trendy for people to bring around their chihuahuas all over town.

I was shopping at Joann this evening when out of the corner of my eye I saw a baby stroller. Stroller=baby. I love looking at babies but it wasn't a baby in the stroller. It was a frightened looking chihuahua, shivering every now and then.

This is not the first time I'd seen a chihuahua shivering around people. Why does it do it? Is it afraid of the crowd around it? I watched in fascination at the chihuahua and even waited for it to pee in the stroller out of terror. That was what I thought the reason for the shivering!

I don't have any pets, and even if I were to have a dog, I don't think it will be a toy dog like a chihuahua.


  1. May be it was afraid because it's not on the ground. Some dogs when above ground, get scare and shiver. Gravity thing (i think).

  2. I've seen a chihuahua on a leash on the ground and it was shivering too around crowds. It was a pitiful sight.

  3. I thought Chihuahuas constantly do that.

  4. Are you sure they are not shaking because of fear? I don't know much about chihuahuas. I think they are ugly little dogs! :-)


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