Friday, August 24, 2007

A Pedicure and a Massage

I just got back from a pedicure and a body massage. I go for a pedicure at this nail salon at least once a month, but the massage was only the second time I had with them. Besides doing nails, they also offer massage services.

I have no complains with their nail services but as to the massage services, it could be a lot better. The last time I had a full body massage was at an aromatherapy massage parlor in Kuala Lumpur. Now that was a very satisfactory massage!

The Vietnamese lady who massaged me asked me if I wanted some hot Chinese oil on my back on my back as well. Being Asian myself, that is not a strange offer. Naturally I said yes. The oil was not as hot as I had imagined. Then I smelled a familiar smell. I lifted my head and took a look at the bottle of Chinese oil. Hahaha, it was that green oil with the strong sweet smell! If I had known that was the oil, I would have declined the offer of the Chinese oil. I have friends who said the smell of the oil makes them sick!

Anyway, I just had to try the massage given by this particular lady. My previous massage was done by another younger lady who no longer works there. If I can find some place that offers a better massage service I'd like to give them a try. Today's massage, it's better than no massage at all, and I felt like spending some money on a massage! :-)

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