Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rejection and Approval

I started writing sponsored posts for PayPerPost on July 30. Last night I received my first notification of a rejection to one of my posts. :-( Arrrggghhhh! And it was worth $18! The reason? I did not meet the minimum requirement of a 100 words! What?! How difficult is it to write a 100 words? That taught me a lesson. What happened was I was too eager to click on the Take Opportunity button that I didn't pay attention to the minimum number of words requirement. I could easily have rectified that situation because there was nothing to stop me from editing that post once it was submitted so that it fulfilled the minimum number of words.

Anyway, first thing this morning when I checked my email, I had received another notification email from PayPerPost about the approval of another post. This was my first approval and it sort of mended the disappointment over the rejected post. Why "sort of"? This post that was approved was worth only $5. That's not to say that it is bad news. The good news is that it is not that difficult to write sponsored posts and earn some extra cash!

Yesterday and in the wee hours of the morning (I was on my computer really late!) I wrote a total of 4 sponsored posts and together they are worth $40. This time I made sure that I met the minimum word requirement for each post!

I'm dreaming of the day when I am eligible for the higher paid posts. For now my google ranking for this blog is a meagre 3, and forget about Alexa! This blog is ranked 5662346 with Alexa. Boo hoo.

But the other good news is that there are opportunities that do not require any ranking and that means people like me can still make some money writing sponsored posts! It is not that difficult!


  1. Puteri, bittersweet blog was rejected by PPP cos it has not been created more than 90 days.

    I didn't know if this requirement when signing up, oh well...I'll resubmit my blog when it is older. :-)

  2. Today I received my 2nd approval! Yeah! It was worth $20!

    Yeah, they do have the 3 month old requirement and a minimum of 20 posts in that 3 months. I am building up 2 more blogs that have their own domain name. Some of the advertisers only want their sponsored posts written on blogs that have their own domain. I'll submit those when they are 3 months old.

    You should try Smorty too. They also have the 3 month old requirement, but they do not have a limit to the number of opportunities you can take, if you qualify for them. I like that better. PPP has a 2 a day or is it 3 a day limit. Besides you must have a personal entry in between the sponsored posts. Keep me busy thinking about subjects to write on! :-)


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