Wednesday, August 22, 2007

RU 486

WASHINGTON, ( -- Misleading conclusions are being drawn in news stories based on a study that has indicated that the RU486 abortion drug is no more dangerous than surgical abortions.

"Reporters are drawing the erroneous conclusion that this study means RU486 is completely safe. That's not what the study says, and nothing could be further from the truth," said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. "Women are dying at an alarming rate from RU486 abortions and its widespread misuse in the abortion industry. That has not changed."

The study indicates that future pregnancies are equally affected by RU486 abortions and surgical abortions. However, it is a leap in logic to say that either are safe when the study simply shows that the risks to future pregnancies of both abortion methods are equal.

"Women who have had abortions have greater risks of miscarriage and infertility than women who have not had abortions. It is no accident that the study refused to compare these two groups of women, because we know they would have found that abortion hurts women, and that is obviously a conclusion that they did not want to reach," said Sullenger.

RU486 is a drug approved for abortions in pregnancies under six weeks. Three office visits are usually required for this kind of abortion. Some reports indicate that RU486 has a 15% failure rate, meaning that many women who receive the drug must also have a surgical abortion to completely remove the pre- born baby and other pregnancy tissue.

"Women aborting with RU486 can pass their babies anywhere. This has created a lot of emotional trauma for women who do not expect to come face to face with a tiny baby complete with arms, legs and a recognizable face," said Sullenger.

"The reputation of RU486 has suffered recently because of the publicity generated by a number of abortion deaths related to the drug. The media distortion we are seeing is a simple case of public relations damage control," said Sullenger. "Hiding the possibility of RU486's life-threatening dangers from women really shows that there is more concern for selling abortions than for protecting and informing women. This misinformation campaign is really a horrific thing when you think about it that could needlessly cost women's lives."

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When I was younger I was quite ambivalent about abortions. One of my neighbours when I was a kid did not practice any kind of birth control. When her children got too many she resorted to abortions to reduce their number. One of her kids was born without fingers and toes, and I believe that was a result of a failed abortion.

I think there are worst things in life than being pregnant. Whatever reasons that are given by those who have had abortions, it all boils down this - having a child is an inconvenience. I do not buy the "mental health" reason for having an abortion. Except for a serious risk to the mother's life, abortion should be banned. Rape and incest, give birth to the child, and give it up for adoption. Two wrongs do not make a right.

A woman's right to privacy ... what a lot of bull! Abortion is sanctioned murder.


  1. sigi amai ko menua kitai empu ditu mayuh amai bala kitai indu bebuai ba klinik(especially yg bedau belaki)..senang amai ka muai masalah diri empu!dah lah nyak,bangkai anak yg enda nyadi nyak tadi semina dibuai ngagai tong sampah,alu diselongkar oleh ukui jalanan.How cruel!

    mayuh org bukai bendar amai ka beranak,tapi sidak tuk ka munuh anak.Bisi kawan aku suba(Mrs Nosey nyak bah!),laban ti iya nyak nadai ngena apa2 birth control,asal aja iya laun period,memang iya ngagai pharmacy meli sejenis pill kena iya "datai" period(ko iya.)

    Dah nyak,selalu iya komplen ngagai aku iya bisi mengalami keputihan(DISCHARGE) yg mayuh amat.Aku rasa thats the results of pengawa iya nyak td..iya enggai ngambik contraceptive pills laban enggai gemuk.

    bagi aku,enti enggai beranak,anang takut gemuk,tapi takut lah ngagai tuhan..

  2. Aku pun heran kati ko mensia ulih ngerja utai baka nya? Anak ukoi kitai enggai meda dibunuh sengapa, apa agi anak mensia?

    Tuhan aja nemu ulah mensia enggau belasan ulah sida, enti sida enda ngesal ati dudi ila. God can forgive anything if you sincerely ask for his forgiveness.

  3. ntah lah...aku kala ninga cerita inik aku,laban org kelia kan nadai bisi ngena apa-apa perancang(baka dlm post nuan nyak) jadi,laban ke enggai beranak mayuh,sida alu bebuai.Mayuh amai bala indai yg ngadu baka nyak zaman sidak iya kelia,and sida ngagai bisi siko bidan kampung.

    Masa bidan kampung nyak dah tuai,iya dah ka menghembus nafas terakhir(munyi ko jako melayu),pedis amai iya ka mati...cukup sengsara iya masa nyak.Sampaikan Fanny sembiang kan iya sereta mai iya sama sekali sembiang nyebut nama Jesus,inik tuai nyak tadi madah iya alu nda ulih nyebut nama Jesus.Macam bisi utai nyekat rekong iya,ko iya.

    Isshh..sampai macam nyak sekali enti kitai dah berdosa..Kadang-kadang takut amai aku ngenang ke diri empu ti mayuh amat berdosa.


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