Thursday, August 23, 2007

Second Anniversary

Puteri's Musings turned two yesterday. I don't know how I missed the date yesterday when I was so looking forward to writing a post about the occasion!

In the two years, the template for Puteri's Musings has undergone a number of changes. Call that the fickleness of a woman! It is just like shopping for shoes. You have enough shoes, in fact more shoes than you can wear, but yet you feel the need to get more shoes! It's the same with templates. I see something I like, oooh, won't that look nice on my blog? Heheh.

The content of Puteri's Musings has also undergone some changes. I used to write a lot more on political and news stuff but ever since I signed up to do some paid posts, I have to write about a lot of different things. PayPerPost does not allow consecutive paid posts. It must be interspersed with at least one personal post, so I have to rake my brains for something to write about.

Also, since I started with Google Adsense, I have to write about a variety of things so that I can get a variety of ads showing on the Adsense. I learned that some ads have higher value so if someone clicks on them and looks at the advertisers' sites, I could be paid more for that! :-) And the way to attract good ads is to write something that uses the relevant keywords. Errr, I still don't know all that much about the higher value keywords!

Puteri's Musings is just the first of several blogs that I maintain. Yesterday I registered a domain name for a blog primarily dealing with health news as well as some beauty and fitness news. It is still waiting to go online, it takes up to a couple of days for the " whatever", to propagate on the internet. I don't really know the mechanics of that!

Anyway, I am glad I started blogging. It is a good outlet for my creative writing energy. Also blogging has allowed me to befriend all kinds of good and interesting people.

Happy (belated) birthday to Puteri's Musings.


  1. Many Happy Returns to your blog site Puteri. May you have more to come... Cheers!!!

  2. happy birthday!! dah 2 tahun...nda berasai...

  3. Thank you y'all! :-) It has been fun two years, and looking forward to more blogging!

  4. Congratulation, Doris.
    I remembered your early days of blogging.


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