Thursday, August 09, 2007

Senior Citizens and Their Sports Cars

Have you noticed lately that there are more and more older people, I mean senior citizens, who are driving low slung sports cars?

Last week I was at a gas station, with my husband, waiting for our turn at the pump when I noticed this red convertible with the top up at the opposite pump. The door of the red convertible opened, out came a pair of pale, flabby and varicose-veined legs, followed by a body that matched the legs. I mean this little old lady was practically struggling to get out of the car!

We drove up to the next available pump and no sooner had my husband put in the nozzle in the tank, a black Corvette drove by. Guess who was behind the wheel? An old man!

My neighbour, who was divorced last year, started driving a black convertible. No, he is not a young man, and I have never seen him driving his car with the top up. I guess for him the sports car was a chick magnet because not long after that he acquired a girl-friend!

The father-in-law of one of my good friends also drives a Corvette, white with red leather seats. He is middle-aged, not a small guy, and I don’t think it is easy for him to get in and out of that sports car.

I think what is happening here is that the baby boomers are only now able to afford some luxuries because their kids have all left school or college. Moreover, I think some of them are trying to relive their youth.

I heard on the radio recently about the statistics for road fatalities especially motorcycle fatalies. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Motorcyclists age 40 and over riding larger motorcycle engine sizes account for the fastest growing group of motorcyclist fatalities”. Yes, those baby boomers fall into that age group!

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