Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Summer's Wedding

Pretty in Pink! The ribbon necklace and matching black with pink crystal ear-rings were made by yours truly. :-)

The newly weds, Oscar and Monica.

Doug and I were at an evening garden wedding ceremony and reception yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the delta breeze was blowing. Sunny and cool by California's standard.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. The bride looked radiant and beautiful, and groom looked dashing. They each read a letter to each other, and exchanged a self written wedding vows. The bridesmaids were gorgeous in their pink with black organza sashes dresses. The black ribbon necklace around their necks and their matching earrings looked lovely. :-)

When the sun went down, the night got cool. Too cool in fact. I felt sorry for the ladies who wore their strapless dresses, or their spaghetti strapped dresses. It was the first night that I'd actually spent that number of hours out this summer. I brought my silk shawl and that kept me from shivering that night. A little dancing warmed up the blood a little too!

The wedding party was at its liveliest when we had to leave. Doug had to take the baby sitters home and we didn't want to keep them up for too long. But all in all, it was a beautiful summer's wedding.


  1. That's so nice and sweet. May they be happy always. Through good times and bad times.

  2. Wow.... lawa lahhh... Sweet Pink.


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