Saturday, August 18, 2007

Teen Rehab Center

Echo Malibu is the premier Teen Rehab center for teens struggling with drug abuse, alcoholism, or emotional and behavioral challenges.

The treatment program at this teen rehab center focuses on Emotional Health, Physical Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Family Health, and Educational Services.

Upon admission all participants are given a complete psychiatric evaluation by a Board Certified Adolescent Psychiatrist, and a comprehensive and on-going psychological evaluation by a licensed clinical psychologist.

All participants in the drug and alcohol treatment program are provided with an individualized plan specially designed and implemented by licensed clinical professionals who not only focus on the behaviors that result from addiction, but identify and treat the underlying causes of the addiction.

Among the treatments and interventions implemented at Echo Malibu are Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Expressive Art Therapies, and Music Therapy.

What makes Echo Malibu the premier teen rehab center is that it believes in empowering the participants and their families with knowledge, skills and support systems required to reclaim their lives and live free of chemical dependency. It also believes in helping and teaching the participants make healthy choices, instill hope in their lives, and help the entire family of the participants use the crises in their lives as opportunities for growth and change.

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