Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Jewelry

Christina, maid of honor and big sister, at Monica's wedding. She's wearing the black organza ribbon with different shades of pink fire polished Czech glass beads necklace that I made. The ear-rings are not that visible because it was made with black artistic wire with pink fire polished Czech glass bead.

Here's Kathy talking to Oscar the new son-in-law wearing the pearl ear-rings that I made.


  1. Its gorgeous!!!

    Eh Puteri, I wish to have a pair of pearl ear ring too! I want something like what you made for Kathy. BUt i want them in shorter length! Can a? Also, tell me the harga.. haha SO I can check my piggy bank, see got enough money to buy or not! =p
    HAve you open your ETSY shop yet? Don't forget to announce here ok?


  2. Haha, Kitman, you won't need to break your piggy bank for the ear-rings!

    Ok, will let you know if and when my etsy store opens!

    So what color pearls you want? White, off white, pinkish, all kinds of colors available.

  3. The one you made for Kathy is off white with pinkish pearl issit? Aiya.. me so tamak now, thinking of getting white also.
    Banyak susah la me! haha...
    I want the off white and pinkish!!!

  4. Kathy has one white pearl with a small bicone crystal on top of that, and 3 champagne colored (morelike pale khaki) pearls on each ear-ring.

    Aiyah, you can have more than one pair, what. Try them all and decide which one you like best!


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