Monday, August 13, 2007

Weird News of the Day

I first heard the following story a few days ago on the Tom Sullivan Show. Tom Sullivan suggested that it wasn't accidental that the woman sold the turtle containing the ashes of her husband's previous wife. I think it wasn't accidental either! :-) What do you think?
(08-07) 17:25 PDT Elmira, N.Y. (AP) --

A woman recovered a ceramic turtle containing the ashes of her husband's previous wife Tuesday after accidentally selling it for 50 cents at a rummage sale.

Anita Lewis of Elmira said she didn't know it held the ashes when she sold the turtle Saturday to a woman who had plans to use it as a cookie jar, despite being unable to get the lid open.

Terrence Lewis' previous wife had collected turtles, and the couple's home was full of them, Anita Lewis said.

When she realized her mistake, she began a frantic search. An anonymous caller's tip to the Star-Gazette of Elmira led her to a Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Horseheads, where she found the turtle.


  1. kasih tudah ash bini duluk nyak...hehehe..

  2. Nasib agi dalam turtle nya! Engka laban tudung nya kelalu rat, enda ulih dibuka nya org ka meli nya alu donate ka thrift store. Enti ulih dibuka engka kena buai ash nya alu container nya kena nyimpan cookies! Ka nuan makai cookies disimpan ba container bekau nyimpan ash org mati?! Eeeeekkk, geli ngenang nya!

  3. kati ko enggau meh enti dah terpakai ke iya...eeii...

  4. Lucky she manage to get it back.


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