Monday, August 06, 2007

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

This summer has got to be one of the coolest summers I have experienced since moving to this part of California.

On Saturday we had the mecury hit 103 F. The air-conditioning in the house had a good work out that day. But by 8.00 p.m. the delta breeze had kicked in and what a difference that made! It was as if there was no triple digit weather that day.

On Sunday, the delta breeze was in full swing. There were leaves and buck every where on my front patio. I hate those eucalyptus trees! They are so ugly and the leaves they leave all over the ground! If not for the shade they provide, I would have chopped them down a long time ago!

The temperature on Sunday was only 76 F. That was a new record low for August 5. In fact, with the wind, it felt chilly at times! Imagine feeling chilly on a summer's day! My son, Duncan, who was recovering from a cold, was told to wear a jacket as he hung around his Dad who was working in the backyard.

Last night was the first time this summer that I felt like putting on socks in bed. I did not have my fan on in the bedroom while I slept last night.

This morning, as we walked out the door, Duncan, said "Look, Mommy, going to rain!" There is no rain in the forecast but the sky looked overcast and it looked like a cold day in fall.

Living in the Sacramento valley, a day like yesterday and today, is not something we want to complain about! We wished it was like this all summer's long!

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