Saturday, September 08, 2007

Argue With Everyone Political Forums

Thomas Jefferson is supposed to have said, "Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially in politics." That is good advice but there are many of us who just can't help voicing our views, and in fact enjoy arguing with others, on whatever the political subject of the day is.

At Political Forums you can argue to your hearts content. The forums there are generally unmoderated and that means you do not have to fear that your views will be censored. You can bring up subjects like the stem cell research debate, or tell everyone why you love being a liberal, or give your views on Senator Schumer's comment about the incompetence of our soldiers in Iraq.

Go and register as a user at and participate in the forums, instead of ranting at the liberal or conservative talk radio hosts!


  1. Hello Puteri, been meaning to ask, but not sure to ask who.

    I am a WestWing fan (got the whole series in dvd). The words liberal and conservative kept on popping up.

    What is the meaning of liberal (in politics)? Is it like more open minded?

  2. You're a West Wing fan? Heheh, I refused to watch that series because the pretend president in that series is a Democrat, a liberal Democrat.

    Generally the Democrat Party tends to be more liberal eventhough they do have some conservative members. The Democrats are considered liberal because their support base are unions, pro-abortion rights groups, they are for higher taxes, etc. Their social policies are also liberal. Democrats in general tend to pour money on problems such as failing schools, instead of addressing the root problems.

    Whereas, the Republican Party tends to be more conservative even though there are some more liberal or centrist members in the party. Arnold Schwarzeneggar is considered to be more centrist, not conservative at all. Rudy Guiliani is also more centrist than conservative. The Republican Party have more conservative fiscal policies - lower taxes, smaller government, less interference from the federal government, more states'rights, defender of the 2nd Amendment (the right to own and carry guns) They also tend to be more religious, supports policies that give the family more rights than the government .. for e.g. the liberals do not want parents to know if their teenage daughter goes for an abortion, whereas the conservative want parental rights over such decisions and wants to be notified.

    There are several liberal and conservative blogs around. You can tell what the mindset of each group from reading the blogs.

    liberal blogs:

    conservative blogs:

    There are many more .. you can follow the links from each blog.

    I can't vote because I am not a citizen, but politically, I am a conservative. I never knew I was till I came to this country. :-)

  3. Hehe...i like Westwing cause of Martin Sheen..not much about politics..just the way their 'walk and talk' acting.

    Thanks for the infomation. At least i now know a bit between Republicans and Democrats. Let say if u r able to vote...who would your next President be for next year?

  4. I'll most certainly vote for a Republican candidate. I can never vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I don't trust Hillary .. she has a fork tongue, and Obama is too liberal and has no executive experience at all. Hillary is too liberal too. Both Obama and Hillary promise free universal health care, and I don't think that is the best solution for our health care problems. Government funded health care is going to bankrupt the country, or the country will end up with worst health care than it already has.

    As for the Republican presidential wannabes right now, I have problems with Guiliani .. he is pro abortion, too sympathetic to illegal immigration, does not have a good record with 2nd Amendment rights. Mitt Romney seems quite capable but being a Mormon and a one time pro-abortion supporter, he also has some problems. I think I like Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. I don't know if he'll end up being the Republican candidate, but if he does, I won't have any problems voting for him at all.

  5. Wow..u really know your politics. Good on you. Does your husband into politics too? I mean as knowledgeable like your self? I find it interesting that, over in the States, that candidates get to least for people to know what they stand for. Unlike here. No debates at all.

    Do u think it is good to have debates among candidates?

  6. Both my husband and I are political junkies. But when it comes to politicians, I know who is who more than he does! :-) My husband is more a libertarian than a conservative. He votes conservative because I tell him to do so!

    Debates are good because we know what each politician stands for especially if the politician wants to be the President. Then we choose the candidate who holds positions that is closest to our positions. Of course we can't always get the candidate we want, so we compromise on some issues as long as the core issues are still there. For example Guiliani could very well be the Republican candidate for President and even though I don't agree with his pro-abortion stance, or his liberal views on the 2nd Amendment and immigration, but as long as he is strong on national security, is for limited government and lower taxes, and promises to nominate a conservative judge who is a strict constructionist to the Supreme Court if there is a vacancy during his Presidency, then I think he will have to do. I do not want Hillary or Obama to be the President!

  7. Thanks Puteri. I really hope you don;t mind me asking all this questions. hehe..Cause i like history and politics.

  8. Of course I don't mind! Like I said I love to talk about politics! I love to read political blogs and listen to conservative talk radio .. politics all day long!

    My husband loves politics and history too,especially military history. You and he will get along. Maybe we can meet when next we are in Miri?

  9. Yes please, we must meet up when u r in Miri. Just let me know when.

    Military For me i get sentimental around June, cause of D-Day. Had that failed during World War 2, our present world might be different.

    Some times when i see teens today, i also feel sad for the war veterans who sacrifice their lives for a better future. But some teens know what i mean.

  10. Sure, we'd love to meet you and Ian. I don't know why I didn't think about Ian when I was back in Miri late last year. It is very likely we'll be in Miri again next year during the summer holidays.

    One of the channels on my satellite TV subscription is the Military Channel. My husband doesn't usually watch a lot of TV but ever since I subscribed to the satellite TV, he spends more time watching TV than I do! There's a lot of interesting programs on the Military Channel WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, even some on the current Iraq War. I watched some programs on the fall of Singapore and the Philippines during WW2.

    Kids today, generally, don't know much about sacrifice but here in the US the bulk of those killed in action in Iraq are in their early 20s. I appreciate their ultimate sacrifice. There are just as many if not more, of the young people who are peaceniks, do not believe in war, and think that we can get along fine if only we learn to talk to each other.

    I disagree with that assessment of human nature. Ours is a world governed by force, I'd rather be feared than loved/respected .. as a country, I mean.

    Ok, I could go on blathering away .. :-)

  11. worries about blathering away..i love reading.

    Ya, kinda sad those who died and so young again. Some with families too. Hope the government in some where honour their sacrifices and help the families.

    Look forward in meeting u and ur husband next year.


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