Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bitter Melon Tea Part 2

I started drinking bitter melon tea because it is supposed to help lower your blood sugar level. I have been drinking it almost every day since I first bought it.

One wonderful effect I discovered from drinking the tea is that it helps me sleep! I suffer from insomnia and I find that each time after I've drunk a cup of the bitter melon tea, I would start yawning and my eyelids would feel heavy! This is wonderful! I don't know what else is in the tea bag besides bitter melon. Maybe there are lotus seeds in there because I smell something like lotus seeds in the tea.

Many years ago, a Vietnamese friend got me a bag of lotus seeds tea. It did help me sleep but it had a negative effect on my stomach. I had gastritis and it made my condition worse so I stopped taking it. Actually tea has that effect on me, that is why I drink my bitter melon tea after a meal or after I've taken a snack.

If you suffer from insomnia, try drinking bitter melon tea. The tea is not bitter at all despite the name! In fact is reminds me of "liang teh". Err, what exactly is "liang teh"? I love that tea too!


  1. Now u can sleep liaw. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Will share with an aunty of mine, she also cannot sleep.

  2. Yes, it works. Tell your auntie. The bitter melon tea I have is a Product of Vietnam.

  3. I have been sleepless in Seattle for a long while now, hence reading your blog at 3:15 AM! Thanks for the tip, Puteri. Will go look for the tea this week!

  4. Sleepless in Seattle! :-) Maybe it is our age, eh, Rita!! Hormonal changes and all!

    Yes, try the tea, and I hope it works for you too.

  5. Eh, got to get some for my hubby... Thanks for the tip.

    Oh BTW, you have been tagged.

  6. Hope the tea works for your hubby as it does for me.

    Done my tag already, did it on another blog. :-)


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