Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gone Shooting

“A Canadian is sort of like an American, but without the gun”

This weekend we are going to visit my in-laws. They live in the beautiful San Luis Obispo area in the central coast. It is about a 6 hour drive there and I don't think we have been to visit them at all this year. They have been to visit us though at least twice this year. My father in-law had hip replacement surgery about 2 months ago. He still can't drive very far, err, but I think they did drive to Las Vegas last weekend! :-)

That's my sexy hand posing with a Beretta. :-)

Anyway, while there, Doug hopes to take me shooting at his parents' ranch. The ranch is somewhere in the hills and there are places there where we can shoot our guns. It has been years since I fired a gun. Doug and I talked about going to a shooting range here in Sacramento but with young kids and having to arrange for a baby sitter every time we want to go any where by ourselves is such a hassle. The other problem has been time. Doug has been really tied up with home improvement projects since the beginning of the year.

I was talking with my elderly neighbor three days ago and asked him if he was going to the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the police station that night. He said, "No." There have been a rash of burglaries and suspicious activity in our neighborhood the last several months. I often leave my windows open when I go to the store or drop the kids off at school. Now I am afraid to do it in case some burglars try to break into my house. My elderly neighbor said he leaves his windows open all day long and said if a burglar comes into his house, he doesn't know how the burglar is going leave the house. I understood what he meant and suggested, "In a stretcher?"

Doug shooting his Firestar .45 automatic when he went target shooting with friends last year.

That is why I need to be handy with my gun. Sounds extreme, doesn't it, but better to be safe than sorry. I have young kids in the house and having a loaded gun around is also not safe. Doug is teaching the kids about gun safety and telling them the difference between a toy gun and a real one. He's teaching them not to point a gun, even a toy one, at anyone even in jest. But it's hard to get Duncan to understand that because he loves to play with his toy "boom boom" and trying to shoot at things. He got all excited when his dad shot his BB gun at a dog that strayed into our back yard. He didn't hurt the dog, just wanted to scare it away from the back yard.

Hopefully the weather stays dry this weekend during our trip. Some rain is in the forecast. I won't be firing any guns if it is wet and muddy at the ranch! :-)


  1. hehe...can;t wait for Uncle Lee's comment for this post..:)

    Is it hard to fire the gun?

  2. For some guns, cocking the gun is the hard part .. my right thumb is not that strong, so have to use the left hand to do it.

    Ya, can't wait to see Uncle Lee's comment on this one! Heheh.

  3. Ya, its true must teach children about gun and safety thingy. Cause nowadays, a lot of movies on guns and for some they might not differentiate real gun and what not.

    Its great your hubby teaches the children that.

    Ahem..on another note, the picture of ur hubby...very nice ooo...

  4. Puteri ... sounds like a fun weekend ahead. :) If Doug and David ever meet, they will enjoy chatting with each other. David loves gun, has quite the collection. Like you, I am trained to handle a few for self-protection but I have only fired his rifles. Didn't like it and hope they are like insurance, we don't ever use it!

    BTW, the PC alert on your blog is still on. This is the message - This website wants to run the following add-on 'Windows Media Player' from 'Microsfot Corporation'. If you trust the website and the add-on and wants to run it, click here ... On clicking, a new window appears saying "Run ActiveXC". I trust your blog but not the ActiveXc since it was one of the programs that brought on a virus for me recently. I wonder if it is related to your Besame Mucho video-clip as that link seems broken??

    Enjoy your drive to the in-laws and have a ball on the ranch!

  5. Just read in CNN, another University shooting. Two people were shot.

    How come this people do not know the danger and hurt caused by shooting some one?

    Ya Rita, better learn how to use the guns, Insurance thingy.

    You all at the States please becareful...a lot of 'ding dongs' (do not want to spoil the image of this blog) who do not care about hurting people.

  6. Rita, I am sure David and Doug will have plenty to talk about! Doug has quite a collection of guns too! :-) When Doug calls his friends, they never fail to talk about their guns!

    Gun safety is important. Doug having grown up around guns is very aware of that fact. "Accidental shootings" happen because guns are loaded. We never leave a gun with a bullet in the chamber, and a small child usually is not strong enough to pull the hammer back to release the bullet into the chamber. I have difficulty myself, that is why I am always stunned when I hear of children killing themselves with a gun. A few days ago a small child accidentally killed herself with a handgun, but then again the family was involved with drugs that is why they had a loaded gun in a not very safe place.

    You are right about using the gun as an insurance, and I do not want to ever have to use it. But Doug always reminds me, if I had a gun in my hand and was faced with mortal danger, I should be prepared to use it. And to use it with maximum effect!

    About the ActiveX, I think it must be the Besame Mucho audio clip that I have that makes your browser gives you that alert. You must not have that add on on your browser that is why it is prompting you to install it. You don't have to install it, but Microsoft being the source, it should be pretty safe. But I am surprised that that little audio embed is causing my page to go blank. I might have to remove that audio clip if that goes on. We'll see if it does the same thing once it goes off the front page. Let me know.

  7. Nightwing, I will tell Doug about your comment! Heheh. The picture appeared in an earlier post in Jan 2006. Just repeated it here.

    Doug is a lifetime NRA (National Rifles Association) member and one of the emphases of that association is to teach gun safety.

    There are many "sick" people around who want to hurt others. Guns are inanimate objects and don't hurt people, but evil people use the guns to hurt others. If someone wants to kill another person, if he can't get hold of a gun, he will use something else.

    Before I came to this country I had a fear of guns too, what with all the shooting news that we hear about. Doug always reminds me that this is a VERY big country and you get all kinds of people. Sensational news are often highlighted. What is hardly ever mentioned is the number of people who have used their guns to successfully defend themselves esp during a home invasion.

    Ok, gotta go. Got to get ready for our trip.

  8. Hi Puteri, Wow! Now this is what I call my favourite subject, guns! I love guns. You and Doug my kind of people.
    Holy Smoke, your Doug sure has some close resemblance to Incik Clint Eastwood. Good looking husband you have there.
    I love target shooting. I had a .357 Smith&Wesson Magnum, and an M16 semi Auto as well a Winchester 30.30 carbine. Would go with my friends to several shooting ranges around here. Also fool around with their shotguns.
    We would take bets on coffee and donuts at the shooting range. 25 meters, 100 meters.
    And ahemm, I quite often beat them as ahemm, I did abit of competition shooting old days at the shooting club.
    I still keep several paper targets that I had perfect grouping scores, all 6 within the bullseye.
    I love the Beretta 92SB, as well the Browning, all 9 mm calibre.
    But still prefer and love the Colt Python .357 Mag.
    I tried shooting a friend's S&W .44 Magnum....luckily I don't have dentures. Alamak, after shooting about 36 shots, my body shook and trembled whole day like kena Malaria. One shot and body like Incik John Travolta doing Saturday nite fever.
    Oh ya, one of these days I will be posting how I almost got killed, shot by an idiot who brought his two girlfriends to the range. Missed my head by inches too.
    Wa, I feel so excited to hear you know about guns too, and Doug apart from women love guns too. Me too. Heh heh.
    Only quite recently I surrendered my M16 to the cops and sold off my handguns. As I don't go shooting that often anymore and also too risky keep at home when we balek kampong.
    Wa, I can imagine anyone try kachow you and you reach for your shoulder holster pull out your Beretta and say, "go ahead, Punk! Make my day"!
    Arhaa ha ha.
    Oh ya, by the way, does Doug use wadcutters, hollow points when target shooting?
    We sometimes buy watermelons and use hollow points with my .357 Mag.
    Puteri, you and doug my kind of guys.
    Hasta la vista, UL.
    ps, other bloggers talk about food, how to make babies, what to do on honeymoon night, you talk more intoxicating subjects, I like.
    Wa, I better not tease you too much, or else Doug will say, "make my day"! Ha ha. Lee.

  9. Haha, Lee, Nightwing and I have been wondering how you would respond to this post of mine. Haha, didn't expect that guns was a fav subject of yours! Haha, you and Doug will have plenty to talk about! Rita says her hubby is also a gun enthusiast. How about we get together, you men talk about your guns and we women talk about our fav Malaysian food?

    No, YOU are our kind of guy! Heheh.

    Doug says, pity we didn't know you earlier, otherwise he would buy off the M16 of you and try to smuggle it back to the US! Hehe, that law-breaker!

    That part about your body shaking like John Travolta doing Saturday had me laughing out loud! I was at the parking lot outside a supermarket this morning, waiting for Doug to get some money and some food for our trip when I saw your comment. I am able to access my mailbox on my phone. All comments on my blogs are forwarded to my email ... so ..

    We are now in my in-laws' home. It was overcast and drizzled a little when we arrived. Hopefully tomorrow it will be dry so we can go target shooting .. shoot cans, says Doug.

    Doug will give his comments about the guns ...btw, he not just loves guns, he and his friends love anything that can gives off a loud "kaboom"! Next time I post some pictures they took while camping in the desert and some of the "pyrotechnic" stuff they managed to rigged up .. :-) I've only been camping with him and his friends once since we got married .. that was quite an experience.

    "Go ahead, Punk. Make my day." Haha to the bad guys, yes, to you, how about "Is that a gun you have in your pocket or are you just excited to see me? " Hehehe!!

  10. there anything that Uncle Lee does not know? Really must be thankful that he discovered the world of blogging...otherwise really short of a gentlement like Uncle Lee.

    Guns i see, only from movies. No chance to see a real one yet. ;)

    Puteri and Uncle Lee, I Need some advice. Was wondering whether you could give me ur email address or drop me a line.

    Here is my


  11. You are right, by now we should know that being the seasoned guy that he is, of course lah, he knows a lot of things!

    Come visit us here in California and we'll take you for some target shooting, Nightwing!

  12. If any of you think that having guns legal in the U.S. pose problems, well I have news for you. Just this morning when walking towards my office I passed a bank with an armored vehicle offloading some cash in front.

    As the guard came down from the van he was holding his rifle in such a way that it's aimed at my feet! So I shouted, "hey, watch that (gun)" pointed to his weapon but he looked at me as if he wants to (gun)fight. Well, some of those rifles may be blanks but we don't know for sure right? That's just total disregard for safety.

    At least you guys teach about gun safety. I'll bet the cases of shooting incidents in the U.S. has a pretty low ratio of actual shootings vs. gun owners. Due to the nature of the media things seem more dramatic. We also have random shootings here but when you READ about the news it's simply a few words on the paper and nothing more, making it less dramatic.

  13. Wow, Ian, that is pretty dangerous! We don't know how well trained those guys are either!

    The statistics here says that every 13 seconds a gun is used defensively to stop crime. See, we never hear this kind of news, only the sensational ones.

  14. Ian has a point -- gun awareness in Malaysia is virtually nil. Kinda scary.

  15. There's not much reason to teach gun safety awareness because other then odd shotgun that some families have, Malaysians are not exposed to guns. The guns are in the hands of the police, the military, security guards and the like, and in the hands of criminals. You can't even own a BB gun! Why? Even though it can't kill anyone (except maybe cause some injuries if you hit some sensitive spots), it looks too much like the real thing,


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