Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ham Radio

My in-laws are ham radio enthusiasts. Last Sunday they hosted a bar-be-cue for their local ham radio club at their home. Doug is also a ham radio operator but he is not as qualified as his father is. He hasn't had much time lately to really pursue this interest.

The ham radio club members who were at the bar-be-cue were mostly older folks. There were only a handful of younger members. One of the younger guys who came wasn't a ham radio operator but he helps them put their antennas up on their roof tops. And this same guy entertained the folks at the bar-be-cue with his guitar playing and singing. He is in fact one of a trio called Still Evolving who performs at a bar-be-cue place in town. So he does know how to sing!

How do you know that a person is a ham radio guy or gal? By the custom plates on their cars, of course!

This is my father-in-law's call sign. My mother-in-law has her own custom plate on her car too.

The above are just two cars that belonged to the members who were at the bar-be-cue.

A guy from the Red Cross came by at the bar-be-cue to show off the communications trailer that the Red Cross has. The trailer is equipped with communications equipment, so that was of interest to the ham radio folks at the bar-be-cue.

During an emergency, like a hurricane, or an earthquake where most conventional communications have been damaged, the ham radio operators have always filled in the gap. In many communities or neighborhoods there are restrictions as to what you can put up on your property, but communication towers or antennas for ham radio are exempted. On my in-laws roof there are several antennas. You can tell how serious they are about their hobby!


  1. I think it is great that there are people who is still into ham radios...like u mentioned, it is really useful incase of emergencies..Great stuff.

    Is it expensive to have the gears/equipment?

  2. Here in Miri, there are radio enthusiasts too. They're just quite low-key.

    They do spend a lot of time and money equipment.

    It's good to know that ham radio scene helps in an emergency when people now rely on cellular phones and such which won't work when the infrastructure was affected..


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