Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm a fan of PPP!

I have been doing paid posts with PayPerPost for slightly over a month now and about two weeks ago I started receiving payments for some of the posts that I had written. To date I have received $79 and will receive another $200.75 when the 30 days since I posted each one is up, provided of course none gets rejected! Is that great or what?

The money I have made so far has paid for two domain names that I registered earlier. I am thinking of using some of the money I have made as prizes for some blog contests that I am thinking of running on one of my newer blogs.

One of the benefits of becoming part of the PayPerPost community is that you can get to know fellow Posties , as they are called, who are very helpful people. For example, if I need some help in traffic generation to my blog or blogs that I am trying to get established, I can count on other Posties to help with the exchange of links or help review my blog or blogs. There are also different kinds of blogrolls going so as to help you with your blog exposure. Some Posties with PR5 or PR6 ranking are even offering free advertising on their blogs to help out Posties with new blogs. That is simply great!

Why not join me and be a Postie as well? :-)

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